Not the Mood

solo exhibition
The Charles Clark Gallery
July 6-August 1, 2021

Your parents always told you only boring people get bored, but in retrospect that can't be true. Days are filled with conversations with people you barely know, all these separate little annoying things to do, commutes, and then, somehow, at the end of the day there is always still that loaf of bread you need to pick up from the grocery store? If you didn't find all of this kind of dull you would be Natalie Portman in the movie Garden State, which would actually be very annoying to your family and friends. Not the Mood focusses on those moments when you cancel plans only to spend the evening lying on your bed, airdrying from a shower and wondering if you should become a dental technician, and renders them in lush, vivid colour. Because you are a complex and multi-faceted person but you're probably never more yourself than when you're staring out a window picturing the outfit you'll wear to your movie's Sundance premiere even though you haven't even so much as written the words "FADE IN."

Press: interview with Scout Magazine, August 2021